Diversity and Social Responsibility



The Institute’s mission is to collaborate for the development of children and adolescents with a welcoming experience, in order to strengthen them so that they may take the reins and transform their own stories.


The ICOM Committee of Brazil promotes cooperation, mutual assistance and the exchange of information among its members, museum professionals and cultural institutions admitted to the category of individual members, resident and active in the country, by institutional members, associate members and benefactors.


Ame Sua Mente (Love Your Mind) aims to promote a new culture on mental health in Brazil (raising awareness, educating, training, preventing, diagnosing and treating early) so people may take hold of their emotional development from an early age. It has cutting-edge programs focused on mental health promotion, stigma reduction and prevention of mental issues in schools and health institutions for young people.


This is more than a commitment; it is the very essence of our social responsibility. That why we have the Diverse QLA committee, a diversity group focused on promoting an inclusive environment, reflecting the wealth of experiences and perspectives that enrich our legal practice. We value the plurality of backgrounds, cultures, genders and abilities.

Gender Equality

In our capacity as law firm associated with CESA – Centro de Estudos das Sociedades de Advogados, we received the CESA GENDER EQUALITY 2023 PARTNER SEAL from the institution, in recognition of the adoption of good practices of respect, inclusion and diversity at all levels of our organization.

Ethics and Compliance

We adopt the best governance practices and respect ethical precepts, through a compliance policy for all our employees. Our Code of Conduct provides, in a transparent and objective manner, the parameters that must be followed by our professionals, with emphasis on those contained in Law No. 12,846/2013 (Anti-Corruption Law) and other provisions of our criminal system. We provide confidential reporting channels to investigate possible misconducts. With this, we take a stance of unrestricted reverence for ethics and the best professional conduct.